Swedish sales company acquire The Carer

Swedish company acquires international rights to the late Gilbert Adair’s last film.


Swedish sales outfit Yellow Affair has taken international rights on The Carer (the last film scripted by the late Gilbert Adair, screenwriter of Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Dreamers).


Yellow Affair has already concluded a deal on the film with Rialto for Australia/New Zealand.


The Carer, directed by Janos Edelenyi, is billed as “a feel-good, life affirming film about death and the relationship between a famous actor and his immigrant carer”. It stars Brian Cox.


The producers are Steve Bowden (Prima Primavera, School for Seduction) and Charlotte Wotner (The Sick House, The Island). It was produced by Vita Nova Films (UK), Hopscotch Films (UK) and Mythberg Films (Hungary).


The project was developed with assistance from Screen South (UK), Northstar (UK) and The Hungarian Film Fund (Hungary).


Cox stars as Sir Michael Gifford, a terminally ill star of stage and star screen cared for by an aspiring actress.



This article first appeared in Screendaily on 22nd May 2013.

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