Would be film makers make it through to next round

THE producers of Dog Soldiers and School for Seduction have announced the names of the region’s next generation of filmmakers.


Steve Bowden, of Vita Nova films, and Keith Bell, who produced horror flick Dog Soldiers and Harry Brown have picked five successful teams to go through to the next round of the DigitalCity Film Business Bootcamp, following two months of sessions to give them valuable information on the industry.


Steve Bowden, producer with Vita Nova Films, said: “There’s been some exceptional ideas come through from bootcampers.


“Choosing just five teams from the 16 original was a tough job – but we believe every one of these has the potential to see a film through to production.”


The Bootcamp was launched earlier this year and aspiring filmmakers have been given a fundamental grounding in the business side of the film industry.


Mr Bowden, a mentor at DigitalCity Business in Middlesbrough, came up with the idea following years of experience working in the region’s film industry.


He said: “I realised there was a skills gap between those who wanted to get into the film industry and what the industry actually needs.


“People lose track of the idea that the film industry is an industry – behind every great idea there is a whole chain of people from the producer to the cameramen to the distributor that are needed to make a film happen.”


Keith Bell said: “There has never been a lack of ideas in the film industry in the North East but there has been a lack of understanding about what is needed to get a film through to the end product. A basic thing is to simply think about why should someone part with that £10 for their cinema ticket?


“There is a whole process involved in getting a film out, from producers, film crew through to distributors and the consumer at the end. What this film bootcamp has done is show how that process works and to help filmmakers work with that to see their films through to fruition.” 


This article first appeared in The Journal on 20th May 2013.


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