With over thirty years of experience and a proven track record, I bring a wealth of expertise as a filmmaker, business coach, and educator. Throughout my career, I have successfully produced a diverse range of projects, including feature films, short films, and cross-platform. Additionally, I have designed and delivered comprehensive workshops and training programs, providing guidance to aspiring filmmakers and entrepreneurs. 


I have owned and managed two independent production companies, overseeing the development, financing, and production of over fifty audio-visual projects. These projects have been successfully delivered to exhibitors, distributors, broadcasters, and esteemed screen agencies, including the BBC, ITV, Channel Four, SKY, Amazon, Screen Yorkshire, Northern Film & Media, and the UK Film Council. 


As a graduate of the prestigious European Audio-visual Entrepreneurs program (EAVE), I have honed my skills and knowledge in the industry. I have also served as a mentor for The Digital City, a Film Specialist for Generator, and held the position of a Senior Lecturer at the Media Business School. I've coached entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and degree programs as a Start-up Adviser for Newcastle University and currently as an Enterprise Manager at Durham University.


Notably, my recent feature film, "The Carer," starring Brian Cox, achieved significant acclaim, winning the Audience Award at both the Palm Springs International Film Festival 2016 and the 70th Edinburgh International Film Festival. 


Throughout my career, I have gained in-depth knowledge of the film industry, and my work as a coach and mentor has provided valuable insights into the digital, tech, and science sectors. 


My extensive management and leadership experience, coupled with my specialized skills and knowledge, make me adaptable across various sectors, proving invaluable in an ever-evolving and converging business environment. 


Effective communication has been the cornerstone of my success. Whether in one-on-one meetings or formal presentations, my ability to communicate ideas and influence decisions has been instrumental. I have pitched and presented to decision-makers, panels of industry gatekeepers, and a diverse range of stakeholders. This exceptional skill in engaging audiences and conveying ideas has been a key factor in my achievements as an independent professional, film producer, coach, and mentor. 


I am passionate about nurturing ideas from concept to completion, empowering talented individuals to realise their full potential, and making things happen!