WINNER - Best Actor - Andor Lukats, 40th Hungarian Film Week, 2009

WINNER - Special Prize, Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles, 2009

WINNER - Best Actress - Vesela Kazakova, Love Is Folly Film Festival, Varna, Bulgaria, 2009

WINNER - Special Prize - Janos Edelenyi, Love Is Folly Film Festival, Varna, Bulgaria, 2009

IN COMPETITION - Valladolid International Film Festival, 2009


Produced by Steve Bowden, Georgy Cholakov, Pavlina Jeleva, Arry Voorsmit

Directed by Janos Edelenyi

Written by Endre Hules, Pal Salamon, Janos Edelenyi

Starring Andor Lukats, Vesela Kazakova, Djoko Rossich, Antony Kamerling, Eniko Borcsok



The life of Gabor, a middle-aged man with the manners and naivete of a child, is turned upside down when his mother is killed in a botched bank robbery. He and a prostitute, Jolie, are the only ones that can identify the robber, so they must run for their lives.


Balancing between reality and imagination, the two manage to survive and, in the process, find peace with each other, the world, and, most difficult of all - themselves